This old city tavern in the heart of Detroit is long gone. I think I was in the place maybe twice. Brightly lit, smokey, individuals and couples sitting at tables while mostly men were bellied up to the bar. Maybe a pool table at the rear of the room, a jukebox at low volume and cigarette vending machines just inside the front entrance. The street is Cass Ave. near Mack Ave. which is north a couple miles of downtown Detroit. I was employed nearby and frequently walked these streets looking for something interesting to shoot. I don't believe I ever printed this shot until just a few years ago while scouring old proof sheets (again) for something interesting to print that perhaps I'd overlooked. I was in the process of hopefully finding several old negatives I'd made around the city going back to the late 1950s when I first began taking pictures. I knew early on the importance of dating and cataloging.     

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