DETROIT DOC is now published and available for purchase from and  in Oak Park, MI.
SPECS; 9x6 soft cover perfect bound / 182 pages with 119 of black and white photographs many of which are 2-page spreads of Detroit (mostly people) from 1960s - 2000s
Russ' freelance career took him from the streets of Detroit into the factories, jazz clubs, Tommy Hearns' Kronk gym, Eastern Market, strip joints and corporate boardrooms. Interspersed are a few pages of narrative description of scenes and experiences. As described by Book Beat;  "Detroit Doc is a compact paperback collection of fifty years of gritty urban photographs by Russ Marshall. Self-published without compromise, a small masterpiece for fans of Brassai, Invisible Cities and noir movies."


WOMAN 2 is now published. The specs are almost identical as WOMAN - more pages and photographs. 52/41. The covers are a glossy laminate whereas WOMAN was matte. All covers of additional book printings will be glossy. Soft cover, 5.5 x 8.5, perfect binding, stapled and spine-taped. Price; $50 + shipping. 

WOMAN cover and selected shots.

After years of photographing people and places on assignment and in my personal life, various similar subject matter tend to repeat and accumulate into categories. Presented together they are sometimes referred to as 'bodies of work'. Galleries like to show groups of photographs that relate to each other. Designers of photo books do the same. This book is no different. It contains 31 b&w photographs of women. It's not meant to be the definitive representation of all the women in the world. After all - I haven't been everywhere. Some of these women were present at functions I was assigned to photograph. Some were chance public encounters. Others are friends or acquaintances. That's about it. No intention or inclination for a social statement here. Just a group, I think, of interesting women I photographed acting on an impulse. --------------- Book specs: 5.5 x 8.5 soft cover, 34 pgs/31 b&w digital ink jet prints, perfect bound & stapled, open edition, published by - brassmajestykpress - Price $50 usd + shipping